“Simply Fabulous!!! The performance of the “First Ladies” made this one of my most memorable New Years Eves. Every song had the sound and feel of the original. Not since the original has any band captured the feel of Heatwave so well. The bandstand presentation had all believing they were back in the Sixties. A real first-class performance.”
Lou Costello, WVLT 92.1 Vineland, NJ

“A top notch show from beginning to end.  The "First Ladies" will take you back to the 60s and all the "feel good" music the girl groups did so well.  Without a doubt the best show I've seen in years.  My highest recommendation for a fun night out.”
Steve Kurtz,  Cruisin' 92.1FM  WVLT

“The First Ladies and your band were fantastic. The compliments have not stopped. Everyone was in awe of the huge talent you all displayed. Steve was a fantastic DJ, the best we have had since I started doing reunions! Looking forward to seeing you and the First Ladies again.”

“The show was great! I enjoyed the music and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

“Thank you for a very entertaining, memorable New Year's Eve. The First Ladies are terrific and put on a GREAT show. The band is also wonderfully talented and we hope you do it again!!!!!!”

“The best of luck and success all around to you Ladies of Rock and Soul, you can rock and you sure do have a good soul.”
Rosie AKA/Rose Mary Smith

“Loved it- the kids had a ball too!! thanks from Mullica Hill We love you!!!”

“Thanks So was the best concert I ever went to....I danced for two hours without stopping! I loved it. and so did my friends… keep in touch”
B Bon

“It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! I didn't stop dancing for two hours!!! The First Ladies are phenomenal. They belong on Broadway! What an upbeat musical show that would be!!!! People would be dancing in the aisles.and I can go on stage and teach everybody in the theater how to do the wah wah watusi !!!”

“Great show, girls!!! We and our friends enjoyed every rockin' minute of it!!! You're wonderful and sound so true to the songs we know and love. I was raving about you on our radio show on Saturday night (REMEMBER WHEN on The Big Talker 1210 AM) We're a nostalgia talk show with a little music thrown in too. We have a lot of fun and invite you to listen if you ever get the chance. Saturday nights from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. I'm sure that's the time you're usually doin' your thing, but just in case you have a quiet Saturday night, give us a listen!! Keep on rockin' and soulin'!!”
Jackie & Stan Strauss

“Thank you so much for inviting Barbara and I to the show. You are so beautiful and the singing was wonderful. Please keep us in mind for any upcoming shows. We would love to come again!”

“Just Plain Thanks WOW”

“We enjoyed the show very much. The "girl group" era was a major part of our generation's "sound track". The arrangements were true to the original hits. The ten instrumental pieces provided a dynamic background (including instrumental solos) to the powerful vocal harmonies and leads.. the audio crew mixed the sound well. The packed dance floor reflected the audience's satisfaction. And all of this was enhanced by being able to support the charitable cause.”
Art & Janice Wilson

“Great performance, musicians, dancing and fun crowd. The orchestra was impressive . The girls were fabulous, hope to join in again soon. Love to dance.”
Donna and Mike Burke

“They sound great!!! You did a great job!”

“That was terrific - Thank you so much!!”

“We all know the hard work and long hours that went into the show. It was phenomenal. We were so glad to be there and really had a great time (I really mean it) So many people have asked me since Sat. night--where can we see them again?? Loved all the music and the talent was incredible(especially the band) Can't wait to do it again..”
NJ fans

“Thought it was great! singing was superb! had a ball reminiscing please schedule more shows! We'll be there! Thanks!”
Patricia Fanelli

“It was GREAT; we enjoyed every minute of it and would like to see it done on a monthly basis. Tell Lou he’s the best and that is the best show at LuLu Auditorium EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Oscar Stevenson, III

“Hi, The show was fantastic. Music was perfect and the girls not only looked great, they were "dead on" with the vocals. This was what you call a professional event, all the way through. Please let me know when the next show is.”
G.J Miller

“We expect to be on the mailing list for the next shows. Congrats-Great evening.”
John & Marie Simons

“Thank you! It was an awesome show. Something that everything could really enjoy!”
K. O’Connor

“Last night, staff from MHI attended a benefit featuring 'The First Ladies of Rock and Soul'- a 14 piece band performing girl group hits. Not only were the First Ladies truly fabulous musicians and singers, but their performance brought people together like they were teenagers again and for a great cause of Child Abuse Prevention.”
American Academy of Pediatric Physicians, Pennsylvania Chapter

“Ladies, ladies, Thank You it was my pleasure to be at your show........I had a great ladies are fabulous!!!! Can't wait to see you again! Take care.............”

“It just keeps getting better!!!! We had a great time!! We had a great time. We'll you next time.”


“It was an awesome show!! Can’t wait for the next one. It never gets old!!”

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